• 29 de May de 2022 01:42

Lucas Silvestro

Ayudemos a Lucas, aiutiamo Lucas, helfen wir Lucas, let’s help Lucas

Lucas is already in Germany

Oct 2, 2021

Actually the plan was to stay in Modena alone for the operation and then go on to Germany in a few days. Because of Lucas’ delicate situation we are always prepared for anything, and we know that what is planned can change in a second. So when we learned that his lungs had a lot of phlegm, we didn’t hesitate for a second to stay in Modena as long as it took, especially for the incredible support of your friend Ettore Cambio who has been a fundamental pillar in making this operation a reality and especially in recovering his breathing. Thank you so much Ettore!
Lucas is becoming more stable every day, and as soon as he is discharged we will continue on our journey to the final destination: Germany!

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