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Lucas Silvestro

Ayudemos a Lucas, aiutiamo Lucas, helfen wir Lucas, let’s help Lucas

Julia Ramos organizza questa raccolta fondi- Help me save Lucas

Help me save Lucas
Julia Ramos organizza questa raccolta fondi

Medicina, malattie e guarigione


Hi! My name is Julia Ramos, if you got to this page is because either my friend or family sent it to you, or I sent to you, either way since you are here I want to ask for your help to help me save Lucas Silvestro, whom I call my partner in life, future husband, future father of my child (hopefully). He was diagnosed with a terminal stage 4 tumor called Diffused Midline Glioma H3K27M, I’ll attached more about it here if you want to learn more about it. Due to being a very rare tumor we contacted different clinics that do radiotherapy but we were told these radiotherapies would be too hard on Lucas as a person and wouldn’t change much to the tumor. After contacting about 6 different places, we finally found a treatment in Germany, what we think is our best hope, especially after finding another case of this tumor who is receiving this treatment and is doing well so far.

Oncolytic Virotherapy has proved to offer patients long term survival, with a better quality of life, research has found patients who are still living 14 years after the therapy, going back to work, having children and enjoying their lives. However, because it is still an experimental therapy it is done through private practice, and each OV therapy dose administered costs €5,000 euro, according to the doctor Arno Thaller, Lucas needs around 8-10 doses for his tumor to either shrink or disappear, each dose being administered every 2-3 weeks.

You can read more about Lucas’ story on the bottom, but I wanted to make it quick on top in case you don’t want to read much, but you are more than welcomed to read everything below, go through the links of the information provided about the tumor, treatment, Lucas’ biopsy results, pictures and more.

We will be soon opening an IG page with more information about Lucas in case you want to follow up and learn how the money you are helping us with is being used.

19 agosto 2021
di Julia Ramos, Organizzatore
We traveled from Udine to San Severino Marche, Lucas’ hometown!